New Malaaware cripples computers worldwide

The new malware has reached thousands of computers worldwide and encrypted the files for more that 40 hospitals so far, cybercriminals found out about this software vulnerability through leaked NSA documents.

This malicious software explodes a flaw in Microsoft operation systems and encrypt the data and also block the access to the system. This may be the first time computers globally effected by an attack, there are more than 150 countries targeted in Europe, Asia, Latin America and North America.

The new ransomware called WannaCry and shows the following message on infected systems

” Don’t worry about the encryption we will decrypt your files”

Then the cybercriminals demand ransom in bitcoin to send the decryption keys back.

Here is how to protect your system against this threat;

  • Do Not open suspicious emails from known or unknown senders
  • Make sure you have an active Anti Spyware on the system
  • Have a reliable backup locally and remote
  • Downloaded and install Microsoft Security Bulletin MS17-010

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