Co-managed IT services has become a very real possibility for both corporations, because it offers the appealing possibility of extending your IT staff and adding significantly to the resources you have for IT support. Rather than maintaining a full-blown staff in-house, you can now have a more compact group on the premises, with a wealth of remote support extended by a service provider.

As its name suggests, co-managed IT services consist of a blend which includes some in-house IT functions as well as some externally provided services from another party. If your company prefers to maintain some kind of control over its IT processes, but lacks the personnel and the equipment to manage it all, co-managed IT services just might be the ideal option for you.

How Co-Managed IT services could work for you

The real beauty of co-managed IT services is that they will consist of a customized services between a business like yours and a third party vendor, which will effectively cover all required areas of normal IT operations. For instance, the external provider might supply the servers and server support, while your internal IT staff provides support for desktops and end-users.

The monitoring of the network could be done by your provider, and you could contact them whenever you require additional help in some area. Most likely endpoint security and backups would be handled by your third-party vendor, as well as the network infrastructure. Some of the more advanced processes such as high-availability solutions, business intelligence development support, performance analysis, and replication could all be effectively managed by your external partner, while your IT staff manages day-to-day issues.