Cloud Hosted Technology Solutions for Small and Mid-Sized Businesses

We Offer Cloud Email, Communications, and Infrastructure

“The Cloud” is not always something that you can work with and understand immediately — it can be confusing. Still, most companies are starting to utilize its powers of computing and use it for better productivity. Cloud computing can help companies by improving communications, storage, and even its entire infrastructure. It helps to keep everything secure, organized, and right where it needs to be, wherever you are.

Cloud Servers and Small Businesses

Our team of technicians can set up, manage, support, and explain your company’s infrastructure in terms that you can understand.

In the past, businesses had to keep everything to run and maintain their entire IT infrastructure on site, taking up a lot of space and requiring the hiring of staff to manage the system. This created more costs and limited what people could do. Now, the Cloud allows you to keep your IT infrastructure off-site within our secure data center. It also allows for quick help from our technicians. We use hypervisor technology to help you as quickly as possible. It will cut down on energy usage as well as manpower for your company. Finally, it allows you to be flexible in regards to your IT team and capabilities.

At GTI, we work to ensure that your system and Cloud is secure and efficient in computing what you need.

Cloud IT Solutions

GTI helps to give small and mid-size businesses computing options that will work to increase their efficiency and productivity as well as avoid capital expenses that come with new technology. We can also discuss other Cloud solutions with you, including hosting email and protection, filtering emails and spam protection, virtual desktops, VolP hosting, security, hosting applications, and customization.

For more information, give us a call today and one of our technicians will discuss your needs and how GTI can help your company in Newport Beach, Irvine, Anaheim, Tustin and throughout the Orange County area with the cloud hosting services it needs.