June 13, 2017

Tips for Cloud Security

Many people are starting to use cloud storage, such as iCloud and DropBox, but there are security tips you need to know in order to keep your data safe while still giving you the ease of access. Don’t be fooled by the convenience, there are certainly some issues with cloud storage and security that you need to be on the lookout for. Each step you take will make your personal data safer. Read the Small Print One of the most important things you can do is actually read the Terms of Service (TOS) for anything you sign up for. Too […]
February 20, 2017

What your Business Can Learn from The DNC Hacking

  Now that the political season is over, we will take a look at how DNC emails were hacked, how simple it was, and what this means to your business’s network security. Apparently, most people think this hack was such a sophisticated act and it would only happen to high value targets like the DNC, which is not true.  In fact, this was such a simple hack that once you read this article you may realize that it may happen to you as well     Here is how DNC got hacked:   On March 22, 2015, Billy Reinhart (former […]
July 31, 2015

Your Computer Can Identify You Based On How You Move Your Mouse

Any user of technology knows that it’s important to optimize security on all fronts of your business. The only problem with this is that passwords aren’t as secure as they used to be. Many businesses have moved in the direction of two-factor authentication, which requires a secondary credential in order to access an account. Did you know there’s a security method that uses your mouse’s behavior to authorize your login? A startup called BioCatch has developed an authentication procedure that analyzes your mouse movements and behavior. Everyone has probably encountered two-factor authentication at some point or another, be it for […]
April 9, 2015

New Scams Alert

We wanted to alert our followers to 2 scams that are fooling business owners all over the area. Be on the look out and don’t fall for these scams! Mail Scam Alert You may receive, by mail, a scam invoice for $70 from a company claiming to be called “Website Backup” from Phoenix, Arizona. We believe it is a fraudulent invoice that does not affect any actual website backups. The scam company hopes to trick you into thinking their fraudulent invoice is legit. (For a  more detailed view of the invoice, just click on the image to the left! ) […]