What Our Clients Are Saying

Never Leaves Us Hanging

As a public benefit corporation, our resources are limited and our staff is smal...
Roy Little President/ CEO / Insurance Education Association

I Was Blown Away

To add on to the fact that I was being over charged, my old IT guy would charge me extra for sudden computer emergencies. At the end of the day, I worried more about my IT bill than my duties at work. When I started using Googol Technologies’ services, I was blown away. Not only did they fix any of my network problems fast, they did it for a fixed monthly cost. Their customer service, as well as their tech savvy employees, are fast, friendly, and always complete the job. Hamid Hamadanchy (CEO/President / Mortgage Lending Services)

A Phone Call Away

Knowing they are always a phone call away is a security of mind and comfort. We could not be more blessed with having Googol Technology as our IT service provider.” Neda Meshkin ( U.S. Office Manager EPOCH International )

First Rate

Ali treats our IT support needs as though it were his own company. He looks for ways to improve security and increase efficiency while paying close attention to costs. GTI is first rate in IT support. Ariane Entrikin ( Vice President Run Off Insurance Services )

Solved Every Problem

We have worked with GTI for nearly 15 years. Some excellent traits of Ali and his company are: Ali immediately responds to system problems, they have been able to solve every challenge we have experienced, and Ali clearly explains the goals and plans of action for each project so his less-technical customers can understand.”
Scott P. Henderson ( Manager/ Owner Insurance Services )

Keeping in Line with our Budget

Mr. Karimi has discussed with us various ideas to keep our company updated with the newest technologies and keeping in line with our budget while still achieving the intended objectives. I give GTI my highest recommendation and look forward to our continued working together.
Nadar Namdar, MsSE, P.E., S.E. ( President/ Principal Structural Engineer NSE )

Knowledge, Thoroughness and Responsiveness

We have known Ali since before he started his own company. We were happy to follow him in that endeavor since his knowledge, thoroughness, and responsiveness are what we valued. In the almost ten years since, we have not been disappointed.
Richard Dunn ( Controller Property Manager )

I speak to a live person

GTI has handled our IT services since 2007 and I can’t say enough about their expertise and responsiveness. When I call, 90% of the time I speak to a live person and the other 10% of the time I receive a call back within an hour. Truly remarkable customer service.
Ken Schisler ( Broker/Owner Mortgage-lending Services )

efficient, friendly, and reliable

Before I started using GTI, I employed an IT guy who would charge me for services I didn’t know if I needed or not. One day, my whole network crashed and all of my client data was lost. When I turned to my former IT guy, who stated in the past that I had a backup system, he accused me of never purchasing one and my company data was lost for good. Now that I have GTI, I never have to worry about any extra costs or problems with my network or software in my offices. I won’t be switching to any other IT professional anytime soon because GTI is efficient, friendly, reliable, and experts at what they do.”
Randall K. Johnston ( President/Senior Memeber )

Could not have operated without GTI

IT management and support is absolutely ‘mission critical’ to our business. For the past two and a half years GTI have been providing our company with excellent, cost-effective, around the clock IT management and support services for our highly complex system. We simply could not have operated without the management and support of Googol Technologies, Inc.”
Marilyn P. Lee ( Chief Operating Officer Radiology Imaging Services )

Highly Recommended

The GTI team treats us with respect and is always on time when we need them. I have been able to contact them on weekends or late evenings to fix computer issues when and if they come up. I have recommended them to many of my colleagues and friends.”
Dr. Saeid Mohtashami ( All Bright Smile )

Saved My Business Thousands of Dollars

I am pleased to say that GTI has gone above and beyond to satisfy my needs. Their expedited service has saved my business thousands of dollars. My experience with GTI is outstanding and has driven me to recommend their services to fellow business owners.”
Jorge Orozco ( Manager/Owner )

Fantastic Service, I worry much less now

Doing business with GTI has been a pleasure. CEO and team are a great bunch to work with! They really know their stuff when it comes to eliminating annoying computer issues and making technology actually WORK for businesses. Chris Lynk ( President Directive Technology Inc, Oneonta, NY )